Newsletter #25

Exploring the RabbitHole

Exploring Lazy’s RabbitHole

One of the cool features of is a visual similarity search feature we call the RabbitHole. It’s not perfect (we’re working on it!) but it is a lot of fun to play with.

Here’s how it works: find an NFT you like, click the white circle in the right corner and select RabbitHole. Repeat.

For example, here is a trail of NFTs that we discovered beginning with a Hashmask.

Led us to The Twelve Steps by KnownOrigin

then ".sometimes ill admit im a lil slow with things, sorry".

then “Headshot #9

Pretty cool, huh?

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Want to join Lazy ? 👩‍💻

Are you a React developer who wants to influence how tens of thousands of people share, view and explore NFTs? Well, good news: Lazy is seeking a front end developer to accelerate our expansion into the multichain metaverse.

Email us at with the subject line “Front end dev.” Send us a code sample and we’ll be in touch!

p.s. You don’t need to be a web3 expert if your front end skills are solid.

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