Newsletter #21

DeepBlack is an AI artist on the blockchain

Introducing: DeepBlack

DeepBlack is an artificial intelligence blockchain artist. Conceived in 2018, DeepBlack minted 3,073 NFTs in 2019. DeepBlack created art without human intervention in the process: the minted pieces were created by DeepBlack and appraised by another AI to define the artistic movement of each piece.

DeepBlack uses a two-step process to create its art. The first step is the "Generator", the second is the "Discriminator". The Generator is fed with 50,000 images of existing artwork and it attempts to create new artwork based on that input. The role of the "Discriminator" is to see if it can spot which pieces of art are computer generated. If it fails to spot a piece, that piece is considered successful.

With more and more art collectors turning their attention to the early days of NFTs, DeepBlack is a collection that will always have a special place in the history of blockchain art.

See more of DeepBlack’s art at — a few pieces are still for sale.

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Here are two Lazy collections that caught our eye

akirkham is an artist that is documenting the various stages of Bipolar 1, in hopes of de-stigmatizing mental illness.

niftysaxis a musician that is collaborating with 100 visual artists to produce “#Legato100” - a project containing 100 unique saxophone recordings, each one containing an interesting visual from a different artist.

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