Newsletter #20

Wearable NFTs?!

Introducing: Wearable NFTs

Here’s something new: NFT Apparel. Created by the Augmented Reality wizards at 2020CV, these NFTs unlock exclusive Snapchat filters that transform your ordinary clothing into digital artworks.

To showcase the new art form, 2020CV is collaborating with artists to create unique digital apparel. The first release is Rad Lines, a collaboration with Maks Surguy:

Rad Lines is for sale now at Want more? Follow 2020CV’s Twitter for new drops. 

Here are two Lazy profiles that caught our eye:

ecbyart is an artist and illustrator who is using Lazy to share their unique and original art NFTs with the crypto world.

cooper is a scientist who studies how nature constructs complex molecules and creates generative art that strikes a balance between both natural and unnatural forms.

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