Newsletter #19

The floor is rising...

NFTs are on 🔥 !

Collectors have a term for the cheapest NFT in a collection. They call it the floor and that is how much you’d get if you need to sell your NFT immediately. Watching the floor price is an easy way to keep track of the NFT economy.

This week the floor price of NFTs went up dramatically across nearly all projects. The established big names (Cryptopunks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, etc) experienced impressive jumps.

As did up-and-coming projects, such as Ezra Miller’s Solvency, an infinite duration WebGL artwork, and Harm van den Dorpel’s Mutant Garden Seeders, a generative NFT that changes over time.

The floor is rising… and taking NFT artists and collectors on a wild ride.

Got Floors?

Oh and, by the way, if you’re hunting for a floor NFT, here’s a few you can snag right now on Lazy: Mutant Garden Seeders, Meebits, Cryptotrunks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Solvency.

Or maybe you’re looking for something new? Explore Lazy’s Rabbit Hole and find all the NFTs that look like a Fidenza, for example.

Here are two Lazy profiles that caught our eye:

libruary has one of the best and largest NBA Top Shot collections in the world, featuring over 10k moments!

rathbone is an easy adopter of NFTs who has created immersive animation loops that drop viewers into the new world of blockchain technology in a fun and colorful way.

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