Newsletter #16: Lazy gets easier

A new feature makes Lazy easier

Lazy just got easier: try the new drag and drop. is the easiest way to display all your Ethereum, Polygon and Top Shot NFTs. And today we got a little bit easier.

Desktop users can now reorder their pinned NFTs by simply dragging and dropping them as they wish. Plus we’ve upped the pin limit to 30 for the big collectors out there.

In addition, we didn’t forget about our tablet users who will notice a subtly improved overall aesthetic, including better rendering for iPads and tablets.

Hooray, now you can show off your multi-chain NFT collection as you please!

Test out the new features at 

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Here are a few Lazy profiles that caught our attention:

vectorpunk77 is displaying “vector bots” - interesting vector paintings that combine vintage comics, fractals, and photographs of children’s toys.

gustonyc is one of the first graffiti writers out of New York City to develop and mint his own work as NFTs.

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